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Wren International is proud to be an exclusive partner of CIS, a distinguished membership network committed to strengthening international education through professional services to schools and individuals. We support and embrace their vision to inspire the development of global citizens through the connection of ideas, cultures, and educators across the globe. Learn more here.
Undergraduate and graduate student recruitment tours are essential to making your campus great. We take small, private institutions and large, public universities all over the world - from Europe and the Middle East to Asia and Latin America.
Benefits of Recruitment

It's All Taken Care Of

Agenda & Itinerary Development
Experienced Local Guides
Travel Services
Passport / Visa Services
Food & Beverage Arrangements
Counsellor Fly-In Events
Public College Fairs
Parent / Student Interview Space
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In collaboration with different institutions and organizations, we arrange the most productive trip to assist with recruitment efforts.

Recruit Efficiently

With arrangements planned and taken care of, all you need to worry about is talking with your potential students.

Your Goals = Our Goals

Each trip is designed to help your institution enroll international students, increase diversity on campus and create cross-cultural experiences.